New Tokens Added This Week: Po.et, Odyssey, Quarkchain And More


It’s Friday today, and we’re back again with another list of new tokens added by Indian crypto exchanges. Since this one is going to be a long list, let’s get started without consuming anymore time.


Zebpay’s silence continued into this week too as company launched just one token in the entire week. And that token is also not any unique one not listed by any other exchange. It’s called Zilliqa (ZIL), and it is already being traded by a number of other exchanges already. If you keep an eye on articles of this series that we publish every Friday then you may already know about it. But in case you still don’t know then let me give you a brief introduction: it’s the token of a blockchain protocol that may serve as a potential alternative to Ethereum because it supports up to 2,500 transactions per second in comparison to six per second of Ethereum.


BitBNS added five new tokens this week, majority of which are available for trading in India for the first time. They’re:

  1. QuarkChain (QKC): QuarkChain is another blockchain protocol that aims to be more scalable than bigger protocols like Ethereum and Bitcoin. It aims to provide permission-less commercial grade blockchain architecture that can achieve up to 100,000 on-chain transactions per second.
  2. QTUM: QTUM blockchain is special because it provides the stability of Bitcoin chain while enabling an app development environment similar to Ethereum. The goal of Singapore based Qtum Foundation is to provide a more secure and transparent business-grade smart contract platform to the world.
  3. Golem (GNT): Golem is a decentralized supercomputer being built on Ethereum blockchain, as we told in our articles previously.
  4. STORM: A platform that rewards users with STORM, Bitcoin or Ethereum crypto tokens for completing small tasks like surveys, videos, trial of new products etc.
  5. EOSDAC: This is a block producer of recently launched EOS software. Due to its delegated proof of stake algorithm EOS blockchain requires creation of blocks from 21 main block producers and reserve producers, and this block producer is one of them.


WazirX went on a token adding spree this week as it added following 7 tokens to its platform:

  1. Holochain (HOT): This is a scalable decentralized computing platform with an agent centric architecture. What this means is that every participant in Holochain network gets his own secure ledger that he can use for secured data storage and sharing. Individual authority over data storage, access and sharing while communicating with other devices in the network to enable a decentralized app platform is the biggest appeal of Holochain.
  2. et (POE): As its name suggests, this token has its roots in intellectual property management. Po.et project aims to make licensing of intellectual property far easier than it is today.
  3. Odyssey (OCN): Odyssey prides itself in being“the future of decentralized sharing economy ecosystem”. The protocol aims to bring down overall operating costs, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product and service providers by using blockchain in combination  with Big Data.
  4. Zebi (ZCO): This is the token of Andhra Pradesh based Zebi AI Chain company.
  5. Storiqa (STQ): This is the token of a marketplace where anyone can create their own storefront and start selling their products for a minimal fee.
  6. QuarkChain (QKC): Already explained above in BitBNS section.
  7. DENT: This token belongs to a company called Dent Wireless. The company aims to create a worldwide data marketplace on Ethereum blockchain making it easier for people to buy and sell mobile data packages. The packages may originate from both telecom companies as well as unused data of users themselves.
  8. THETA: Theta wants to disrupt the online video delivery ecosystem with its decentralized P2P architecture. The platform aims to lower the improve the video delivery while lowering its cost at the same time.
  9. Noah Coin (NOAH): Listed by WazirX about half an hour ago, Noah Coin aims to reduce the financial disparities worldwide with its technology using blockchain powered remittances, payments and partnerships.

So these were the 15 new tokens added by Indian crypto exchanges this week. Indeed, this has been  a busy week for smaller exchanges like WazirX and BitBNS. Next week we’ll be back with another list of new tokens, so keep checking back.

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