Missguided Review 2018: Is Legit, Safe or a Scam?


This Missguided review will examine Missguided to know if the online shop is legit, or a scam as well as whether they are keeping to their promise of providing the latest trends in women fashion.

Missguided is an online retailer, based in the UK that focuses on providing fashion styles and accessories for women  between the ages of 16 and 35. As a fast fashion retailer, their promise is to always provide trending fashion  for women.

Missguided at a glance

  • Established in 2009; owned and maintained by Nitin Passi
  • A fashion retailer offering clothing, fashion accessories and beauty products for women between ages 16 – 35.
  • Has an extensive list of products including dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, jeans, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, beauty products, bags and more
  • Offers low prices, as well as some enticing promotions
  • Does not offer free shipping
  • Returns are allowed if made within 14 days of receiving order
  • Payment is by Credit/ debit cards and PayPal.
  • Customer support is by email, live chat and post
  • Website ( is compatible with mobile devices

What is Missguided?

Missguided is a UK based  online retail store that was established in March 2009 by Nitin Passi who is still the sole owner and manager of the company till date. Missguided experienced rapid growth within the first few years of its launch; and even expanded internationally into countries such as USA, France, Australia and Germany.

The company has had different collaborations over the years to create it’s brand. They signed a deal with XPO to manage their international e-fulfillment operation in 2015. They also partnered with in May if that year, and currently sells more than eight hundred pieces through ASOS. They’ve established different brick and mortar stores over the years. The US department store was launched in 2015; the second UK bricks-and-mortar store was opened in Manchester in November of 2015, and in March 2016 the third store was opened in Birmingham. To make shopping more convenient for customers, a shopping app for iOS was launched in about 2016.

In May 2016, Missguided aded to their product range with a launch of a range of wedding dresses; and in September 2017, the company announced the launch of brother label Mennace with online & physical stores.  Missguided is similar to Dresslily and  Zafu

Legitimacy and safety

This is an important area in an online store review, because any body who intends to purchase any item online would want to do that from a legit store, and not a scam platform.

Is missguided legit or scam?

Missguided is legit, not a scam. It is very difficult to recognize which online store is legit or a scam simply by looking at the website. This is because their website always appears to be real. That is why a review as this is important; it will help you know if a particular online shop is truly legit.

In this review I have researched and found  that missguided is legit and not a scam. This is because they pass the test of time, and also have a physical existence, which are among the factors that can proof that an online store is legit.

Test of time – my observation is that due to the use of social media in communication, scam stores can not survive for a long time. The information about their scam activities will spread wide in a short time, such that nobody will fall prey to them again. Such exposure also make them shut down their scam site and disappear. The good thing is that Missguided passes the test of time. They started  in 2009, which is about 9 years ago. And through all the years that follows; if it were to be a scam platform they would have stopped operation and disappeared into thin air. Instead they have conquered whatever storm, grown bigger, and still continue to meet customers’ fast fashion needs. There is no doubt that Misguided is a legit store, as no scam online retailer can remain in business for almost a decade.

Physical existence: when determining how legit a store is,  it is important to check whether the online store has a functioning physical store, warehouse, office, showroom, production center and others. No scam store will have all these, most of them have only a virtual existence; they do not have any product to deliver to customers who make purchases. Missguided have stores in the US, Manchester, Birmingham and other places. They also have offices and warehouses. This shows that misguided has the capacity to fulfil orders, and is therefore legit and not a scam.

Is Missguided safe?

Missguided is safe and secure. The high rate of fraudulent activities in the world is very alarming. Cyber fraudsters do not just stop at scamming people by creating scam website; they also try to hack into legit sites to steal people’s data and information. That is why it is very important to ensure that the online store you want to make purchase from is safe and secured (that is, will not have leak your data to unauthorized persons).

The data that customers give out in online purchases include your name, email, mailing address, credit card details and more. If such personal and sensitive information is exposed to hackers, your identity can be stolen, or the money in your bank account can be cleared. Therefore, every customer will want to make sure that the sensitive information they share with an online store is safe and secured. For this reason any online store that fails to provide the information/ transaction safety measures is bound to loss in the competitive market.

In this regard, Missguided is committed to maintain the privacy of their customers. They are registered as data controller for the purpose of the Data protection Act 1998 (DPA), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Protection Act 1998 is a United Kingdom Act of parliament that regulate the processing of information relating to individual, including how it is obtained, held and used, as well as the disclosure of such information. It is designed to protect personal data stored in the desktop or in other organized filing system. It is an Act that gave individual legal right to control their personal data and information about themselves.

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016 is a regulation in European Union law that ensures that individual data is protected and their privacy secured.  It is for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area; it also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. GDPR is a regulation that bound businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of the European Union citizens for every transactions that occur within EU member states. Any company that fails to comply attract a huge cost.

Missguided  being registered with them shows that they take individual safety and privacy seriously. They are safe to buy from.

Is missguided ethical?

Missguided is ethical. Babe power is at the heart of their brand. They believe in championing young talent and real women, inspiring a new generation of unstoppable females to be themselves and achieve whatever they want. Missguided babes are the dreamers, believers and doers who represent their customers, brand advocates and iconic women from all shades of life and creative expression.

They do all this and as much as they can to ensure they source ethically and to avoid acts that constitute modern slavery. To this end Missguided has a team that is dedicated to understanding their supply chains, ask them about their operations, ensure they understand what supplying ethically means and provide guidance, training and assistance where necessary. Download Missguided Modern Slavery Statement.

Mobile compatibility

Online shopping websites should be compatible with mobile devices so that customers will be able to browse through offerings at anyplace and anytime.

You can get the online store at The website, which is available in polish and English language, is compatible not only with desktop platform (such as MacOS and Windows), but also with mobile operating systems (such as Android, iOS,  and more). Their website is not only mobile friendly but also easy to navigate. With your mobile devices, you can have access to the website, be able to view the products, select the one you want to buy, make your payment, and have access to every other service that desktop devuces can access.

Product Range

There are benefits which consumers considers while making their purchases; one of such is the advantage in buying items from a store that offers wide range of products. This does not stop at giving customers an opportunity to make all their purchases in one store but exceed to tangible cost saving as a result of discount associated with bulk purchase. Some of the stores set a rate of purchase one can reach to attract discount; this means that if there are few products available customers will not get the discount. Therefore it is important that items are made available to enable buyers to have enough purchases that will qualify them to receive discount. Another benefit is that in most cases shipping rates are flat, that means that you pay a particular amount whether your items are many or few. It is better to buy all you need in one store to reduce the cost of making double shipments.

Therefore, it is important that customers examine the fashion store the wish to buy from, to ensure that there are variety of products available. In this regard, Missguided provides a wide range of fashion products that is needed by men, women, boys, and girls, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and others.


Missguided clothes. Missguided offers the popular trends  of clothes that can make you stand out.

Clothes available includes: Bodysuits, Coats & Jackets, Jeans, Joggers, Knitwear, Nightwear & Pyjamas, Schoolwear, Sets & Co-ords, Shirts, Shorts,  Suits & Waistcoats, Sweat Tops & Hoodies, Swim & Beach, Tops, T-Shirts & Polos, Trousers & Chinos, Coats & Jackets Collection, Knitwear, Suits, Blazers & Formal Trousers, Nightwear, Loungewear & Slippers, Casual & Formal Shirts & Ties, Jeans, Chinos, Shorts & Swimwear, Underwear, Socks,  Smart, Workwear & Party, The Casual Collection, Nightwear & Loungewear, The Lingerie Collection, Swim & Beachwear, Petite, Tall & Maternity, Coats & Jackets, Dresses, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jumpers & Cardigans, Jumpsuits & Playsuits, Blouses, Shorts & Skirts, Sportswear & Joggers, Suits & Workwear, Swim & Beach wear, Tops & T-Shirts, Trousers & Leggings, Blazers & Formal Jackets, Coats & Jackets,  Joggers, Knitwear, Casual Shirts, Formal Shirts, Shorts & Swimwear, Suits, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Trousers & Chinos, T-shirts, Polos & Vests, Shapewear & Body Solutions, Multipack Bras, Signature Premium Lingerie, Push Up Flirt Bras, Multipack Knickers, Sports Bras, Luxury Lace, T-Shirt Bras, Socks & Tights, Balcony, Bralettes, Full Cup, Maternity Bras, Post-Surgery, Strapless & Multiway, Non Padded, Non Wired, Plunge, Sports, T-Shirt Bras, All Knickers, Bikini, Thermals, Shapewear, Socks & Tights, Bodies, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Dressing Gowns and wedding gown.


Missguided Shoes

Missguided shoes. At Missguided, you can get different types of shoes for women, such as Ankle Boots, Flats, Flip-Flops & Sliders, Heels, Leather Sandals, Slippers, Trainers, Wide Fit, Boots, Flats, Heels, Sandals, Trainers, Boot Edit, School shoes, Mid knee socks boot, Over the knee boots, Cross over lace boots, Suede boots, Heeled boots, Sock trainers, Lace up trainers, Platform sandals, Post heel sandals, slingback heel, Sheep skin slippers, Metal heeled sandals and others.


Different accessories are available at Missguided, ranging from earrings,  Necklace, watches, Fit Guide, Bra Shape Guide, Knicker Guide, Bags & Accessories, Hats, Gloves & Scarves, Socks, fishnet socks, bum bag, beanie hats, hair bobble cracker, head band, envelope clutch bag,  all jewellery, hair clip, hair bobbles, lingerie, fragrance, Belts, Sunglasses, Gift items, Phone cases and others.

Beauty products

At Missguided you will get different types of beauty products such as, Lip stick, Lip gloss, Lip scrub, Mascara, Dew pot, Eye shadow, Lip shine, Ointment, Eye liner, Luxury lip tint, Lip slip, Eve lom, Face gloss, Cat eye, Universal stick, Eyebrow gel, Lip treatment, Luminizer, Boosting base, Lip pen, Radiant translucent powder, Tinted lip conditioner, Nail polish, hair strengthening conditioner, ceramic brush,  makeup bags, blush body mist, eye lashes, hair and body conditioner,  shower sponge, face mask, tone oil and others.

Cost/ price

Missguided price and cost of items. Missguided provides a wide range of products; and they keep  adding new products every day, making it  too hard to determine a particular price for any  product. In most cases, prices fluctuate a lot; all you have to do is to keep checking their website for the price of any particular product at any point in time.

However, Missguided promise to offer low prices that are affordable to everyone, and also to keep them on top of the competitive market. When  their prices are compared with the prices of similar products in other stores  you’ll observe that they live up to their promise. Misguided is among the online retail store that offers some of the best prices  for trending women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products.


Missguided offers promotions from time to time, all you have to do is to be checking the website to know when one is going on. Some are ongoing at the time of this review. The ones running now are: 25% off student discount, 21% off everything, and more.

25% off student discount means that every student that makes purchase pays only 75% of the full cost of the items.

21% of everything entails that every non-student gets 21% off the full cost of the qualifying items purchased from the store.

Payment method

Missguided payment methods are of variety. The target of any online retail store is to operate globally, that’s why most of them accept a wide range payment options in order to accommodate customers who might not easily find a payment method that is supported in their location. In this regard, Missguided accept a wide range of payment methods such as  Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Maestro, Delta, Solo or Electron debit cards, American Express charge cards and PayPal. While this is a good range of options, but there is still need to add crypto currencies and e-wallet.

It’s always good for an online store  to accept  a good number of currencies, so that  customers will not have worry about conversion of currencies before making purchase. Missguided have a plus in this aspect because they accept a long list of currencies which includes Pound Sterling, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Euros, Danish Krona, Swedish Kroner, Norwegian Krone, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars and Swiss Francs.


Missguided shipping is one of their advantages. Your goods are delivered to your doorstep when you make purchases from Missguided. Their shipping across the globe. The  countries covered includes:

Andorra, Gambia, Norfolk Island, Angola,    Germany, Norway, Argentina, Ghana, Oman, Australia, Gibraltar, Pakistan, Austria, Greece, Panama, Algeria, Greenland, Paraguay, Bahrain, Grenada, Peru, Bangladesh, Guam, Philippines, Barbados, Guatemala, Poland, Belgium, Guernsey, Portugal, Belize, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Benin, Honduras, Qatar, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Romania, Bhutan, Hungary, Rwanda, Bolivia, Iceland, Saint Lucia, Botswana, India, San Marino, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, British Virgin Islands, Ireland, Senegal, Brunei, Isle of Man, Seychelles, Bulgaria, Israel, Singapore, Burkina Faso, Italy, Slovakia, Burundi, Jamaica, Slovenia, Cambodia, Japan, South Africa, Cameroon, Jersey, Spain, Cayman Islands, Jordan, Lanka, Central African Republic, Kenya, Chad, Kuwait, Sweden, Latvia, Switzerland, Chile, Lebanon, Taiwan, China, Lesotho, Thailand, Colombia, Liberia, Togo, Congo Brazzaville, Lithuania, Trinidad and Tobago, Congo – Kinshasa, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Malawi, Turkey, Croatia, Malaysia, U.S Virgin Islands, Maldives, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Uganda, Czech Republic, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Monaco, United Kingdom,Dominica, Morocco, United States, Republic, Mozambique, Uruguay, Ecuador, Namibia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Nepal, Vatican City, El Salvador, Netherlands, Venezuela, Estonia, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Yemen, Finland, Nicaragua, Zambia, France, Niger, Zimbabwe, Gabon and Nigeria.

Standard delivery to Belgium and Denmark will cost you €5 and takes up to 2-4 business days after placing the order. Express delivery to the same destinations cost €7, takes about 2-3 days if order is made before 5pm. Next day delivery will cost you €10, and you will receive your order within 1 business day if the order is placed before 3pm (local time).

Standard delivery to France cost €5. Delivery takes up to 3-5 business days after you place your order. Express delivery takes 2 business days at the cost of €7 (order must be placed before 5pm). Next day delivery will cost €10 (must be ordered before 3pm to be able to be delivered in 1 business day).

Standard delivery to Germany is €5, and will be delivered within 3-5 business days after you place your order. Express delivery to the same place takes 1-3 business days at the cost of €7 (orders should be placed before 6pm). Next day delivery cost €10 (order before 3pm to receive the order in 1 business day).

Standard delivery to Poland cost €5. Delivery takes up to 4-6 business days after you place your order. Express delivery will cost €7; if the order is placed before 5pm, you’ll receive it within 2-4 business days. Next day delivery cost €10; place order before 3pm for it to be delivered to you in 1 business day.

Standard delivery to Italy and luxembourg cost €5, Deliveries take 4-6 and 3-6 business days respectively after you place your order. Express delivery to the two destinations will cost €7 and take 2-3 business days, orders must be placed before 5pm. Next day delivery cost €10 and you must order before 3pm to receive your order in 1 business day.

For netherlands, standard delivery cost €5. Delivery takes up to 3 business days after you place your order. Express delivery cost €7, and require that you order before 5pm (local time) to receive your order in 2 working days. Next day delivery cost €10, and you’ll have to order before 3pm (local time) to receive your order in 1 working day.

Standard shipping to Republic of Ireland will cost you €3; delivery takes 2 business days (but it can take up to 3-4 days in some areas of the country). For next day delivery, order before 1pm to receive your order in 1 day at the cost of €5. Dublin only next day cost €5. Order between Monday to Thursday for next day delivery.

Standard delivery to Spain, Austria and Switzerland, cost €5, Deliveries take 4 – 6 business days after you place your order. Express delivery to these countries cost €7 (order before  5pm to receive your item in 2-3 business days). Next day delivery require that you order before 3pm to be able to receive in 1 business day, at the cost of €10.

Standard delivery to Sweden cost €5. Delivery takes up to 5 – 6 business days after you place your order. Express delivery cost €7; Order before 5pm (local time) to receive your order in 2 – 3 working days.  Next day delivery cost €10; Order before 3pm to receive your order in 1 business day.

Shipping to other european territories €7, and can take about 5 business days  after the order has been placed. EU next day will cost you €15, and orders should be placed before 3PM to be received in 1 – 2 business days.

International standard shipping cost €20. Delivery can take  up to 3-11 business days. This delivery option is for all countries outside Europe and also includes Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Romania, Albania, Armenia and Georgia.

Missguided Guide Video

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