Croat – The Little Political Cryptocurrency Coin That Could


I have been following Croat for a long time now and have been impressed by how fast the coin has moved and the quality of software that they have put out.

I created a quick guide on Croat awhile back if you want to get a quick look at it. Since that guide a few more cool things have happened that I thought I would highlight. 

Businesses Keep Lining Up To Accept Croat

When I first started following Croat one fo the neat things was how closely they worked with the local Catalan community businesses so that they could start accepting Croat from their customers right away.

Croat Merchants

Currently their website lists 36 companies that will accept Croat as payment. You can view them under the Ecosystem section of the Croat website.

The companies are diverse and range from Hotels, Beer and Transportation. This is pretty incredible for a coin that first surfaced for the masses in August of 2017.

While many coins out there have no real world use, this coin is taking a passionate political movement for independence and giving real world value to Catalans.

Its Now Accessible On Exchanges

When I wrote my original article there was no exchange that would allow you to trade Croat. Now there are four (3 currently with 1 on the way). The most popular at the time of writing this being Stocks.Exchange.

Croat Exchanges
Croat Exchanges

While more popular exchanges are always welcome, I was able to use Stocks.Exchange with no issue to purchase more Croat.

With only just over 100,000,000 total supply, this coin could become quite valuable when traded on higher volume exchanges.

Croat Now Has An Easy To Use Online Mobile Wallet

When Croat was released it released with some very high quality wallets for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android. Now, as they continue to work on their iOS app, even Apple users will be able to access a mobile wallet. Check it out here at

They Have Forked Against ASICs

As referenced before to their high quality wallets, their developers are not only passionate but very talented. While some coins (Looking at you Electroneum) simply choose to copy and paste and find and replace, Croat actively develops their codebase to keep it what it should be, a coin for the people and not for the big miners.

The coin is based on Cryptonote and now has forked to the same Cryptonote that Monero uses (Monero7 as Monero calls it).

The Future Is Still Uncertain

Now, while having a passion for what you are doing and a quality movement are no guarantee of success.

Croat is still a baby and is still a part of the larger uncertain cryptocurrency landscape.

Here are some challenges that they still have.

Spending Your Croat Is Clunky

While they do list 36 businesses that will accept your Croat, spending it far from easy. Many require you to visit the retailer or email them for more information.

A solution to this would be to work with a company such as Globee so that merchants can easily allow customers to exchange their Croat for goods or services.

Globee would also open up Croat to the entire world and allow Croat to be spent on non Catalan services and products.

Access To Better Exchanges

While having some exchanges is better than none, it will be hard to survive in its current environment. The whole point of a currency is to be able to exchange it. Whether that is for products, services or trading it against another coin, without easy ways to move Croat around the coin will struggle to catch on.

Continued Development

Little is really know about those behind development and there is no guarantee that without those that have worked so hard to get Croat where it is now, that it would continue to grow.

This can easily be solved with more exposure. The more value Croat has to others the more willing people are to donate their time to the cause.

There is nothing to say that development will slow down or cease but this time right now is a pivotal point where development and promotion need to continue, if not be ramped up.


When I first started following Croat there was a lot of uncertainty. While its no Monero, its grown so much since I first started paying attention to the program. I continue to look forward to more development, more exposure and more good times ahead.


This is usually where you read about how I got paid to post this or was compensated in somehow. I am simply a fan and thought I would share the progress I have seen. I do own Croat but that is the whole point, right? As always, do your own due diligence before making an decisions!

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