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How to Make Money on Cryptocurrency Mining Without the Expense of Specialized Equipment

[amazon_link asins=’B07B1Z8LKR,B073BX57M1,B015VPX05A,B073ZMZV6K,B075KFPJ6M,B00N933XIQ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’reviewking04-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’569977ca-dfab-11e8-b51c-b1e12e573a47′] Most miners find solo mining no longer profitable and cloud mining notoriously tricky, all while large-scale industrial mining is out of the reach of most people’s purse strings. In contrast, decentralized platforms short-circuit risks, offer definite income, and are both transparent and accessible. We would like to thank the team […]

Top 4 best GPUs for a ZCash/ZClassic mining rig
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Top 4 best GPUs for a ZCash/ZClassic mining rig

With mining popularity skyrocketing and shortages of GPUs becoming more prevalent, it’s become especially difficult to choose the right cards for your rig. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top performing graphics cards for ZCash/ZClassic mining that we think are still worth their current price. Please note that many popular cards, such as the […]